Boutique Advisory, Consulting & Analytical Research

Policy Insights that Matter

Tutwa Consulting Group is a boutique consulting firm with a political economy focus on understanding Africa (with its 55 Member States) and its place in global economic governance. With our international perspective, pan-African ideology and our commitment to do no harm, we provide political economy analysis on continental political and economic integration.

Regional Integration Insights

Tutwa Consulting has a long and respected track record of work in support of African regional integration, industrialisation, economic development and trade facilitation. We are an important partner in many regional integration initiatives (particularly in Africa), assisting clients in identifying and implementing solutions to trade and investment constraints and addressing barriers to regional trade.

Regulation and Legislation Analysis

Tutwa Consulting provides policy and regulatory analysis and advice, based on cutting edge research, to international organizations, governments, companies, and think-tanks operating in African and select emerging markets, specialising in trade and investment policy and country policy and regulatory environments.

Market Entry and Expansion

Tutwa Consulting leverages its expertise and connections to help clients determine and implement the best strategy for entering new economies, or expending in existing spaces. These strategies may be via distribution, licensing, franchising, partnerships, or foreign direct investment. We help clients understand the policy and regulatory environment, business climate issues of the host country (district or region), while also ensuring that their business motivations and objectives for extending their footprint are clear and of mutual benefit for the client and the host economy.

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